Friday, January 23, 2009

Antonio Banderas: underwear, firepower, and a nice line in smolder

There's something piquant about droolworthy celebs in designer undies, as I'm sure you'd agreed. And the undies were never so gracefully modeled as when Antonio Banderas decided to step out onto the terrace in the bathrobe and slippers and not a lot more, soak up a few rays and do some smoldering for the camera... 

While we're on the topic, let's have a couple more; because I feel like it...

I have a quote for you, too:

In 1994, as Philadelphia was being released, Banderas sat down with The Advocate's Ronald Mark Kraft.
"I am completely proud to play a gay character," Banderas said, adding that despite Spain's Catholic culture, "homosexuality is more accepted there than in the United States." He continued, "If I have to worry [that] somebody is not going to call me because I played a gay character ... it's pretty sad." Banderas also said making a movie about AIDS was important to him: "I know many people who died and people who are suffering the sickness now. If 15 years in the future we see we did nothing--I mean no movies, paintings, plays--then we will not be able to say we are artists."

For Tom Hanks, acting opposite Banderas proved simple: "The first day, Antonio was in those tight pants and was wearing that cute leather jacket, and I just thought, I'd flip over this guy. He is dark, he is mysterious, he is ... completely accepting in that old-world kind of way. Playing Antonio's lover, I am the envy of 95% of the women in the world and, I guess, about 17% of the men."

Nice one. Verrrrry nice one!

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