Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chris Hemsworth -- the thunder god cometh, 2011!

The Mighty Thor was my favorite comic when I was knee-high to a grasshopper, so 'tis with baited breath that I await his reincarnation as a Big Screen hero -- but wait!

There's evidence to suggest that he'll re reincarnated on May 20, 2011 in 3D!! The short version of this story is that a fan snapped a photo on the LA set of the movie, where Kenneth Branagh is directing Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins and a stellar cast ... and there in the snapshot is a 3D camera rig!

(See the whole story here:

So some fantastic things come out of this: it's a monster movie ... it's more than likely going to be in 3D (yippee!) and it has some fantabulous actors, and a Shakespearean director...

But what about the star? What face are they putting on the thunder god himself?

Does anyone here remember me posting about this over a year ago? Click here for the original post ... and at that point we were wondering who was going to be Thor, and I remember mooting Brad Pit with the Achilles look.

I must be psychic.

They couldn't get Brad, but by golly, they got themselves a lad that's got something of the lookalike about him ... a lad by the name of Chris Hemsworth, who's a very new face to the movie screen. I saw him fleetingly as Jim Kirk's father in Star Trek ...

And here's the rub, boys and girls: Chris Hemsworth is another Aussie lad! Add his name to the list including Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe (and yes, I know he was born in New Zealand, but he became an Aussie a short time ago), Eric Banna, Sam Worthington ...! "Aussies Take Hollywood By Storm," I believe is the term.

Here's a bit more about Chris Hemsworth ...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Robert Downey Jr. -- bisexual, or not?

Robert Downey Jr. the luscious Mr. Ironman himself ... is he bisexual, or isn't he? Well, it depends on who you talk to! By all accounts, he outed himself in an interview where he described himself as "an eccentric bisexual." But lately, he's been saying that all this was part of a "manufactured" personality, or character, going back to the days when he was reinventing himself.

Well ... hmmm. Okay. But try using using your Sherlock Holmesian powers of observation (in other words, OBSERVE as well as SEEING ... you thought that was a joke in Without a Clue, right? Wrong!! Arthur Conan Doyle wrote this in A Scandal in Bohemia -- they borrowed it for the movie) when you watch Robert Downey Jr. movies...

And you will see, if you actually trouble to look, his body language.

Body language tells a whole lot of truths about us that our tongues and the minds that drive them are probably trying to hide. It's in the gestures, the way we use our hands (and feet!!), the way we choose to wear our hair, facial expressions, the way we toss our heads...

AG's verdict? Robert wasn't kidding, the first time around, but now hi career is going into orbit, and IRON MAN is his big ticket -- and IRON MAN is a Marvel movie, and Marvel has just been bought (holy crap, Batdude!) by DISNEY!!!!

Therefore, 'tis time for Robert Downey Jr. to reinvent himself all over again, damnit, and be BON. Which is an acronym for Boring Old Normal.

If you LISTEN to the dialog in the first IRON MAN movie, there's gay and bi throwaway lines alllll over the place. Not so in the second, which was done under the threat (or promise) of a Disney hand on the tiller. (I find myself wondering how Disney will affect the overall integrity of the Marvel product. Yeee-ouch.

Here's the rub: Robert Downey Jr. could have eventually have been a gay icon, if Disney hadn't bought Marvel. Well ... rats.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brendan Fraser: a hair raising story in pictures

Brendan Fraser ... the Hair Raising Story! And yes, I know -- we all know! -- that Brendan has "hair issues," meaning he's losing it and experimenting with transplants and toupees and whatnot. But ... here's my point:

If you're going to wear a wig (and people have been doing this for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used to shave their heads and then wear wigs!) then, why not have luxurious locks? Why have a Bart Simpson Special??? Then again, maybe Brendan's a Major Fan or Bart, in which case opting for the "look" with your do might be the way to go!

Me? I still daydream about George.

...and what's not to daydream about. Brendan Fraser was never more gorgeous than right here, when you used to see him swinging on the sides of buses! Well, not George, actually, but the posters of George.

In lieu of the real thing, I guess most of us will make do with the posters, right? So here's my point. If you're going to be bewigged, why not have a real beauty?

...rather than the Bart Simpson Special. Hmmm.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Johnny Depp!

Johnny Depp ... happy birthday, 2010! What more can you say? Here's a mighty good lookin' 47 years old, and you'd have to say the man is showing the rest of us how to age gracefully:

A few years are accumulating, but Johnny Depp is going to be one of the lucky ones -- he has the bones and the hair and the eyes to carry the extra years and look as gorgeous as ever. Or more. He ought to write a book, tell how he does it!

So, happy birthday, man -- way to go...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sam Worthington and Mad Max 4 ... wowzer!

Mad Max ... Sam Worthington ... say them in the same breath and then indulge yourself in a pleasant little shiver. Oooooooh, yes!

I know, I know, I've been silent as the tomb on this blog for more than a year, but my life went berserk. Crazy. Insane. It's only now that I can start to think about posting here again ... and what should come along right at the crucial moment? Try this:

June 9, on the Perth Now website:

Mad Max to hit road again, Sam Worthington tipped for lead

Here's the teaser for the feature, and a link to get you through to the rest of it:

THIRTY years after the original, Mad Max 4: Fury Road will kickstart the local movie industry - with WA star Sam Worthington tipped for the lead role.

THE original Mad Max put the Australian film industry on the map and launched the career of one of our most recognised actors, Mel Gibson.

Thirty years on and Mad Max 4: Fury Road is about to restart the local movie industry, being filmed entirely in Sydney and Outback NSW.

The Daily Telegraph reports that work on the film will start immediately, injecting tens of millions of dollars into the economy and creating more than 500 jobs.

If you're wondering why this would show up on Perth Now ... well, after AVATAR and TERMINATOR 4 you might be assuming that Sam Worthington is an American star. Not true. He was born in England and came out to Aus -- Western Australia, the capital of which is Perth! -- as a wee little kid.

Having been too busy to blog for a loooong time, I've missed blogging about Iron Man and Avatar and Inkheart, and so much more. But you knew I'd be back, and -- better late than never, here I am. I'm going to be playing catch-up for ages. It's going to be all kinds of fun...

So, let's have some more Sam Worthington pictures before I leave you for today...