Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Aidan Quinn -- and Welcome Back, Jack!

It's March 8, which means it's Happy 52nd Birthday, Aidan Quinn!

The first time I saw Aidan Quinn was in Legends of the Fall, and I was impressed. He held his own against a Brad Pitt who, for the first time in his career, had been allowd off the leash. In retrospect, we know all about what a Brad on the rampage is capable of, and Aidan was admirable in the part of the elder brother ... more sane, more stable, competing for the hand of the lovely Julia Ormond, and not really succeeding. Though, the fact is, in real life ... welllll, I think he would have. Not that Brad's character wasn't amazing, but I think Julia's character would have opted for Aiden's character, and a long, peaceful life! And why not? Because we're talking about tasty, here ... seriously tasty!

I think the next one I saw was probably Benny and Joon, with Johnny Depp, and I'll always remember Practical Magic, with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. In Benny and Joon, Aidan went up against Johnny Depp in full-on "cute as a bug" mode, and was terrific; and in Practical Magic he had the sanest, most normal, least outrageous ... and nicest of all the characters to play, which was quite a challenge. Go up against that cast and be visible? Neat trick, if you can do it -- and what's more, he did!

So, Happy 52nd to Aidan, and many more of them.

Second bit of news that has me blogging today:

Welcome back, Jack!

As in, Sparrow.

Go to the movies right now, and you'll be seeing this:

(Click on that -- I put it up at 1000 pixels wide, because it's such a treat. May. Woot! Can't wait!

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