Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shane Warne bowls his maiden over ... howzat?!!

It's official, sports fans: the golden boy of Australian cricket is shacked up (or in the process of shacking up -- that being a verb: "that I shall have shacked up") with one of moviedom's bad girls -- Liz Hurley herself.

A couple of months ago Liz's marriage to Indian hubby Arun Nayar fizzled, and she's been spotted in London canoodling with Shane at a major hotel ... and looking out from one of the celebrity suites, in the same company. Which makes is official enough to be worth a post right here.

Shane was up to his bowling arm in scandal a few years ago, when he was caught cheating on the wife with an English lass whose charms were ... pneumatic would be the diplomatic term. Golly, what does he see in Liz?

Weellllll, maybe that's a no-brainer. There is another question, but. The reverse of the above. Hmmm.

And speaking of Shane, with the current Ashes series turning into Ritual Slaughter for the Australians, there's fans by the boatload down on their knees, begging "Warney" to come out of retirement, out the baggy green back on, get out there and save the day.

Seems Shane has better things to do!

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