Friday, March 6, 2009

The Ultimate Movie, starring Depp, Jolie, Smith and Knightly (plus Pitt and Winslet, optional...)

Here's the challenge: design your own ultimate movie ... cast whoever you like in it. Who'd be your choice? We all of us can dream, I guess --!

In fact this scenario has been run as a poll in the UK, ant (not to anyone's astonishment, here's the result: "Ahead of Friday's 85 million pound, EuroMillions lottery draw, the poll has revealed that if finances come flowing, nine out of ten Brits would invest to make their own movie. While the hollywood's most bankable star Will Smith would be cast as the supporting actor with "Bend it like Beckham" star Keira Knightley would give him company for the role.One in four Britons would make a thriller, while one in five opted for a romantic comedy but they unitedly voted for London as their favourite destination to shoot the film."

And you have to admit, this wouldbe a heck of a film. It's a romantic comedy-thriller starring Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Will Smith and Keira Knightly.

Good lord ... I'd go see that one myself!

The production and promotion pictures might look something like this...

What a movie this would be!

If I was nuts enough, I'd say: let's run a competition ... take the above pictures and work out a story that connects them all. Like ...

The lady scuba diver and the lady who organizes a historical re-enactment society get together with a gypsy guy and an actor; the diving lady moonlights as a model, and the actor is trying to run for office. They all live in the same apartment block in NYC, and somebody on their floor gets murdered, and the murder weapon gets all of them tagged as the murderer/ess ... they have to prove themselves innocent, before the detectives (played by Brad Pitt and Kate Winslet) slap on the cuffs and march 'em all away.

Hey, that's not too bad at all!

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