Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Viggo, Orlando -- and that other cute dude from TROY...

I've got some reading for you today -- good, meaty stuff ... if you're in a Viggo mood, and I am. There's a really good feature article you need to get your teeth into, so after you've grabbed the eye candy below, go over here:

Mr Good Bard

The feature is running on the Sydney Morning Herald -- the Australian paper, so you might not have seen it. And staying in Aus, and staying with things sorta-kinda Lord of the Rings -ish, here's another beaut:

Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom show their revhead side

...that one is on the Daily Telegraph, and allow me to give you the hook: "THEY'RE two of Hollywood's leading hoons and Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana hung out to talk the secret men's business of custom motorcycles in Sydney yesterday."

Can you imagine working at a bike shop in Sydney, and looking up over the keyboard, or out the window, and Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom just walked in??? You'd have to drop your Pepsi stright into the computer. I mean, you'd have no choice, would you?!

Anway -- there's some reading for you; also food for thought. And now the eye candy!

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