Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Adrian Paul! Does anyone speak Hungarian?!

One of my favorite shows in the 1990s was Highlander, with Adrian Paul as Duncan McLeod. I'd loved the Highlander movies, earlier (well ... maybe not #2...), and the TV series was a blast.

While rearranging the video shelves, I stumbled over the VHS tapes (why in the world isn't Highlander available on DVD? For the same reason you can't get Kevin Sorbo's Hercules, I suppose...) and I thought, "What in the heck happened to Adrian Paul?"

A quick search of Google News shows that Adrial Paul has shown up in the press very recently. In fact, he was featured in a news story a couple of days ago ... but although I'll give you the link right here, it won't do you much good to follow it unless you speak Magyar -- Hungarian!

Anyone out there speak Hungarian?! Sheesh. You wait YEARS to see some mention of Adrian Paul in the news, and when it finally happens, you can't read it. Help?! Someone?!

And while we're here, how about a couple of photos? Well ... why not!

For your further browsing pleasure, check out Adrian Paul's filmography at IMDb ... you'll be amazed. He didn't "pack it in and get a fish shop" after all! I guess we just don't get his new work downunder. More's the pity.


  1. Hi, I found you via google alert. I don't speak Hungarian, but I appreciate the link. However, I'm really commenting on your statement about why Highlander isn't available on dvd. It is! Has been for years with lots of great dvd extras and commentaries. If you liked the show, you'll enjoy the dvds.

  2. Hi Pat --
    This is great news ... except for Aussies.

    What I actually meant was, HIGHLANDER isn't available in Australia. You know, we're region 4, and most people can't play US and UK DVDs. Even if you can play the US ones, they playback with this annoying jerk-jerk-jerk motion. Oh, how I wish the series would be released down here, where it will play properly. I still have the old VHS videos, but they only cover season one. I guess the market is too small down here to rationalize doing the series in Region 4, for just a compative few of us. Rats.

    Thanks so much for commenting!