Monday, February 16, 2009

Captain Jack and #11 ... John Barrowman meets Matt Smith

As everyone in this timeline has to know by now, David Tennant is turning in his Tardis keys at the end of the current season ... which means the Doctor is about to regenerate.

Is anyone out there old enough (come on, now, hands up, people: have courage!) to remember when Doctor #1 regenerated into #2?! Bill Hartnell turned into Pat Troughton. What, no takers??

Yo. My hand is going up. Fact is, there were some very good reasons to be there in the 1960s ... not that I had much choice about it, of course. My parents had made the decision ... or were taken by surprise. (When I appeared, it was probably more of a shock. I know: SHUT UP, AG, AND GET BACK TO JOHN BARROWMAN!!)

There's a very, very cute story running on The Daily Record right now. Let me quote you a little bit of it, and then you can click on over and read the whole thing (don't forget to come back here when you're done -- the eye candy is up later...)

JOHN BARROWMAN feels like he's cheated on David Tennant after meeting the new Doctor Who, Matt Smith.

Glaswegian-born John, 41, who plays Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, has become friends with fellow Scot David, who is quitting as the 10th Doctor at the end of the year.

But John, who is gay, hadn't met Matt until five minutes before our interview, and was clearly a bit giddy at the chance encounter.

He laughed: "I feel like I've had an affair against David because I've met the new guy. I liked him but, David, my heart is always with you."

John was in the BBC's London HQ to chat to me about his new variety show, Tonight's The Night, and met Matt in the press office.

John said: "He walked right past me and he and I sat and had a chat. He's got some big shoes to fill when David leaves, but he'll bring his own spin to Doctor Who.

"He's very handsome, very quirky but striking. I think he'll do very well."

There's a really good article following on from this, and here's your link: Exclusive: David Tennant is the best Doctor Who for me, says John Barrowman ... nice one!

And now, the aforementioned pictures, which is what you're here for anyway, right? Right. Here goes:

Woah! Nice one. Verrrrry nice one. Scots rock. (And I oughtta know, being one...)

So who's Matt Smith, and what's in store for us when he and Jack get onto the samde soudstage?? Click here to take a sneak peak...!

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