Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jennifer Aniston: how dizzy is this?!

How dizzy is this: some interviewer just has to ask Jennifer Aniston -- who is one of the world's highest-profile and highest-paid celebs!!! -- if she would turn to INTERNET DATING to get a date, after breaking up with Brad back in '05.

That's like asking The Queen for her email address. Like writing a note to Bruce Springsteen, inviting him to go bowling with you, and then being surprised when he doesn't show.

Good grief! Like I said -- how dizzy is this question?! Well....

I guess it's about as dizzy as Jennifer's answer. Here's the whole thing, from SFGate Daily Dish:

Jennifer Aniston has vowed never to turn to Internet dating, no matter how dire her love life becomes.

Aniston star split from husband Brad Pitt in 2005 and is currently dating rocker John Mayer.
But Aniston is adamant that she will always be a fan of face-to-face meetings and will never look to the Web to find herself a man.

In a joint interview with her "He's Just Not That Into You" co-star Drew Barrymore, she says, "No, no, no. The Internet freaks me out. The Internet warps reality. If you're an Internet person, real life will fall short of what you have been privy to online -- sexually, emotionally. It's so unreal and gives you this sense of order where there isn't any.

So, you start with an incredibly stupid question ... and it reveals a kind of Internet phobia. It's not the preceding few lines of type that will hook you on SFGate's page, it's the following page of comments!! Get over there now, and see: Aniston Slams Internet Dating. The story only just started to run today, so the comments are just getting rolling -- and it's a hoot!

Somewhere along the line, ONE of these kiddies grew up ... boy, did he grow up! And if Jen is as phobic about technology as it seems, no wonder they went their separate ways ... cuz you have to live with technology these days. It's life: be in it.

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