Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We demand video!

Much as I love Australia, there's times when you wish you were in North America: living downunder you get a terrible case of Bandwidth Envy. Down here? You pay top dollar for a squeezy-wheezy little bit of bandwidth, and when you're over your limit, ZAP -- they revert you to dialup speeds.

Meanwhile, in the USA (where else?) you can sign up with Netflix for US$9-a-month and get access to streaming video on the teev ... any movie, anytime, with a catalog of 12,000 titles to choose from right now, and growing all the time.

Wanna read the whole story that just popped up on the Star Tribune this morning: here it is!

'Scuze me now while I go gnash my teeth. Aus doesn't have the bandwidth available, and what with the internet filtering (filleting) that's due to start very soon, we're likely to lose the internet altogether -- imagine this: the internet is taken down!!! There's been talk about it. (Mel Keegan has blogged loads about this in the last few months. What you need to do it go over to The World According to Mel and click on the "Save the Internet!" label, and get ready to be appalled.

Okay -- that's the news -- where's the eye candy???

How about James McAvoy -- blond!

How's about luscious Gerard Butler looking -- well, like this:

Or are you in the mood for Christian Bale in the shower? Here goes:

And for those who are loony for Cloony, here's Gorgeous George, plus pooch:

And to round it off, how's about Mark Wahlberg, complete with tattoo:

Nice dose of eye candy!

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