Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Angelina locked Brad out --??!! Actually...

Angelina locked Brad out??!! What was she thinking?! Actually --

He locked himself out. Of the house, that it. Now, when you and I do this, we can always resort the the key hidden under the third geranium from the left, just behind the Japanese lamp, where the drainpipe's got that big rusty spot ... but then again, you and I don't live in Castle Brangelina, where the security makes Fort Knox look like Free Ticket Day at the Megaplex...

Here's the story: BRAD PITT Star locked out of own home, which popped up on Bild.com (in English, not German -- you're safe).

I'll tell you one thing: it's nice ... comforting, reassuring ... to know that Brad can still have the same kind of problems as mortals. I mean, memory lapses -- forget your remote control to get through the security system! (Razor wire, guard dogs, searchlights, electrified fences, robotized veloceraptors...) I feel a little bit better about being mortal now!

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