Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well ... not really. Actually, I do believe it's going to be something like a star-warsie version of the Middle Earth Symphony which toured far and wide: massive screens, a full-size symphony orchestra, on-stage effects, what have you.

In fact, there was also a Doctor Who take on this same thing, Music and Monsters ... I have it on DVD, and it works extremely well.

Anyway, if this is your thing (and it could be great) see the full story right here: LucasFilm Says "Star Wars: A Musical Journey" Bound For U.S. ... the story popped up on Rolling Stone a few hours ago. Remember, you heard it here first. Well -- actually second. I guess Rolling Stone was first...

And while we're on the subject of Star Wars, there is something you HAVE to see. Have you got about fifteen minutes, and a beer, and no fear for your ribs??? Because you're going to break several laughing. See this: The STAR WARS ASCIImation ... there's a whacko programmer in Kiwi country who has waaaaay too much time on his hands. It's big fun. Enjoy.

And how's about some eye candy while we're here?!

And before anybody says a word ... I was a Han Solo freak. The Han Solo freak is still hiding inside, waiting for a chance to escape...

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