Friday, January 23, 2009

Brad Pitt: looking a treat in a sequined frock

Brad Pitt ... looking a treat in a minidress glittering with sequins? This time Aricia has GOT to be having you on. It has to be a leg-pull, right? Sez who?!

What, you have a prejudice against sequins and frocks?! Seriously ... it's probably a digital lash-up, but the fact is, they're so good these days, I'd challenge you to be able to tell! The digital jobs are so good, these days, there are photos of celebs necking, who haven't even met each other ... yet. So, take the sequined frock with a pinch of the proverbial, and enjoy. And -- yeah, yeah, sure -- here's the "provenance," ie., the link it issues from:

Want more? We got more:

...and if you STILL want more, skeedaddle over to this URL and enjoy:

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