Sunday, January 25, 2009

Brendan's back! But I doubt he'll be looking quite like this in his new movie...

Brendan Fraser is back on the big screen in a new fantasy movie -- heavy on the CGI and thick with thrills, chills, spills, one would imagine, with a thumnail sketch like Inkheart: "he plays a book collector with a magical ability to bring famous literary characters to life by merely reading their stories aloud. When his wife disappears into a rare, out-of-print book, he and his daughter (Eliza Hope Bennett) set out to find a copy and bring her back to the real world. (Want more? Go right to The Sunday Paper.)

Now, why couldn't he have gotten himself involved in a Mel Keegan novel?! Well ... maybe not for a family movie, I guess. But you can dream, right? Speaking of which --

There's some serious talent out there in cyberpace, boys and girls, and some of it's dialled in on Brendan, and a swag of it could have popped right out of something Mel Keegan might have written! Got your doubts? Try this one on for size -- and once again, if anyone has a credit and a back link, let me know, I'd be thrilled to post both ... if only to encourage the artists! Grab your hat -- here we go, now:

Now, this what I call art. Fine art. You got a problem with what?

While we're here -- have you seen the Inkheart trailer? It's been circulating for a looong time, but the movie is right around the corner now:

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