Friday, January 30, 2009

The highlanders are back in town

The previous post has put me in a mood for kilts (don't worry, it'll be tattoos or dreadlocks or earrings tomorrow...) so let's have some tartan type fun here. Being part Scottish myself, I have the right to get into kilts literally, without misappropriating anyone's culture! So:

Gerard Butler, not only kilted, but with the big broadsword...

...and Ewan McGregor doing the Scotting thing at full-throttle.

Tom Baker (everyone's favorite Doctor Who from yonks ago) also doing the highlander thing full-on, and THAT is a claymore. Woah.

And, speaking of highlanders, no such collection as this would be complete without THE highlander himself, Connor McLeaod.

...and not to be outdone, here's Sean Connery whose character was pivotal to the Highlander movies and mythos, even if he didn't play a Scot in them (though he sure sounded like one; then again, he always does ... which is no bad thing!)

And -- OKAY, ALL RIGHT ALREADY! I surrender. Here's the one you've been waiting for, John Barrowman in the kilt:

Nice. Verrrrry nice. Uh ... I'm going to bend the rules now -- or, stretch a point. What's a kilt anyway? What's in a name? It doesn't have to be tartan to be a kilt, does it? before you speak too soon, check out these and think again before voting!

And the question always comes up ... what DO Scotsmen wear under their kilts? Well, gird your loins, folks and click on this here link, but be warned: it gets windy in them thar hills, and the myth appears to be true, and you're linking to a page that delights in the male form (as do we all, but some blogs are still trying to get established and are therefore a mite skittish! Understood? Okay, 'nuff said. You're connecting to the Kilts Page on Just Beautiful Men, and ... enjoy!

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  1. Sorry to quibble, but Tom Baker is holding a basket hilted broadsword. Connor McLeod is holding a claymore.
    And as any fule no, nothing is worn under the kilt, it's all in perfect working order!