Monday, January 26, 2009

Mikhail Baryshnikov: happy birthday, 2009!

It just doesn't seem possible to believe that Mischa is 61 years old today! And yet ... how long is it since I sat in a cinema watching White Nights, and wishing the boy would stop acting (which he does very well) and start dancing ... because noooobody in this world does that like Baryshnikov!

I feel privileged to be old enough to remember seeing him when he was young, when things like The Turning Point were brand-new.

I hear somebody out there saying, "Mikhail who?"

Let me get this straight: some of you don't know who Baryshnikov is? Take a word of advice from AG: find out. Find out soon. You have no time to waste.

And if you'll just keeping scrolling down, I shall avail myself of the opportunity to show you why!

There you go. Men in tights. And you thought the ballet was boring! Snarfle. Who told you that?!

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