Saturday, January 31, 2009

Look who's Hamlet now!

Hamlet. The mere sound of the word gives you shivers ... you're beset by horrific memories of your Ninth Grade classroom, where Miss Perkins goose-stepped up and down in front of the blackboard and her cringing students took turns making verbal compost out of Shakespeare. The entire year you were 15, you were sure you were allergic to Shakespeare ... every time someone started to read it, you got woozy -- or at least the English language stopped making sense, and everyone said it was your fault.

Then you grew up a bit and realized that if you wanted to see Mel Gibson in his latest flick, you'd have to slog through the whole thing again ... and it wasn't just Mel Gibson who was doing Hamlet.

Kevin Kline. Paul Gross. Kenneth Branagh. David Tennant!!

Is there no end to the list of luscious actors who've had a crack at the Crazy Dane?

Apparently not -- and the next one might surprise you. Jude Law is doing Hamlet in '09, directed by Kenneth Branagh.

You reckon I'm making it up? Shame on you! Click here, and eat your words.

Jude Law as Hamlet. Think of the possibilities...

Hamlet ... the word might make you come over goosey for different reasons, in a while! I've heard that David Tennant was the "best Hamlet in years," and someone who was in the audience at the Kevin Kline production a couple of times said KK never played Ham the same way twice. One night it was tragedy, the next night it was hilarious farce. Remember the line in The Last Action Hero: "Something is rotten in the State of Denmark, and Hamlet is taking out the trash."

One more cute Jude Law photo, and I'm done for today. No, not the nekkid one ... I'm not even convinced that one is JL. Somebody convince me.

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