Monday, January 26, 2009

Heath Ledger: happy endings

It's official ... Heath Ledger has earned more since his tragic and untimely death than he did when he was on this earth and making movies like A Knight's Tale and The Dark Knight. It's just too bad that the will he left is old, and leaves little or nothing to his daughter. (It all goes to his Dad, and down here the elder Ledger has something of a rep for not being able to handle money, so it seems.)

However, I heard something nice ... and let's be honest, Hollywood is not the usual place from which you expect to hear really nice things! Turns out that Johnny Depp, Colin Farrel and Jude Law came in to finish off the work Heath had begun on the Doctor Parnassus movie, and they donated their paychecks to Matilda Rose.

This is one heck of a nice story. Read more about it right here:

...and meanwhile, let's have another couple of pictures while we're here. NOT the full-frontal totally nekkid one ... let's have a little respect for Heath, guys. Now's not the time ... and this blog probably ain't quite the place for that kind of in-ya-face explicitness. Thoughts, people??

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